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The Force for our Future uses Star Wars in all of its facets to enrich the lives of those in need within our community. It provides those who are less fortunate an opportunity to enjoy the films at zero cost as well as to learn and engage without judgement in a fun and safe environment.

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Spencer Agins - President & Founder
One of my earliest memories is watching Star Wars for the first time with my grandfather. I was enamored with the story line and the heroic battle between good and evil. I loved the expansive Star Wars galaxy- it included; books, video games, artwork and collectibles. Time and again I found that no matter the age, gender or race: everyone enjoys and identifies in some way with Star Wars.

In 2015 when I turned 30 I commemorated my Birthday by creating a fundraiser to give underprivileged kids the opportunity to see Episode 7: The Force Awakens.With the help of family and friends my idea became reality. It has now grown into an annual event. I am always deeply touched When i see how excited these kids are to have a VIP Star Wars experience. This event provides them with a night of normalcy in their difficult lives. It is my hope to create Star Wars fans of all of them. Ultimately the beauty of the Star Wars story opens people’s hearts and minds to recognize the good in everyone. So together we can all make the world a better place.

Kristian Grasberger - Vice President
In 1977 my father broke my sci fi heart when he took my older brother to the premier of Star Wars. The next day I was locked on the edge of my seat not blinking once mesmerized by what has become in my opinion the beginning of the greatest story every told. I have been a board member of two other non-profits supporting children within my community for the past 25 years. The creation of this non-profit made me realize that I could bring that same joy and wonderment that I had to other children whom otherwise would not have the opportunity.

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